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Chevron to be Sued for Human Rights Abuses in Nigeria

Posted by sarahjinn on June 15, 2008

Justice In Nigeria Now! (JINN) is a San Francisco-based organization working in solidarity with communities in Nigeria and allies in the U.S. to encourage and require multinational corporations based in the United States to operate in manner that respects human rights, protects and cleans up the environment and enhances the standard of living in the communities from which resources are extracted.

Part of JINN’s work is to bring public awareness to two law suits against Chevron Corp. happening this September in State and Federal Court in San Francisco, CA.

Chevron has been charged with gross human rights abuses associated with its oil production activities in Nigeria. The lawsuits are based on a 1998 incident in which Nigerian soldiers shot nonviolent protesters at Chevron’s Parabe offshore platform. The soldiers, who are routinely paid by Chevron, were ferried to the platform in Chevron helicopters and supervised by Chevron personnel. Two protesters were killed in the brutal attack and others were injured. One protester was subsequently tortured by the Nigerian authorities based on Chevron’s claim that he was a pirate. In a recent ruling in the case, a U.S. District Court judge found evidence that Chevron’s personnel “were directly involved” in this attack, transporting the soldiers despite knowing that they were “prone to use excessive force,” and concluded that the evidence would allow a jury to find not only that Chevron assisted the soldiers knowing that they would attack the protestors, but also that Chevron actually agreed to the military’s plan. A jury trial is scheduled in the federal case for September 2008. Chevron is also facing a California state court trial in the Fall, which seeks a court order to end the practices that led to the 1998 attack and to other incidents of abuse involving the Nigerian security forces in the service of Chevron.

For more information on the case visit: http://www.earthrights.org/ or http://ccrjustice.org/ourcases/current-cases/bowoto-v.-chevron


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