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Bowoto v. Chevron – Nigerians take Chevron to court in September

Posted by sarahjinn on June 17, 2008

In May 1998, unarmed residents of the Niger Delta protested at Chevron’s offshore Parabe Platform, demanding that the corporation contribute more resources to the development of the impoverished oil region. Even though negotiations seemed to be moving, on the morning of May 28, the protesters were shot and some killed by Nigerian soldiers and Chevron security personnel who were transported to the platform on Chevron-leased helicopters.

In this clip from KTVU2News on Wednesday May 28, Bert Voorhees, one of the lawyers for the plaintiffs, explains the case against Chevron in front of Chevron’s headquarters at their Annual General Meeting. The meeting happened to be ten years to the day that the incident occurred on the Parabe platform in Nigeria. See other press coverage of the case in our Press Links section.

Link to Video: http://www.ktvu.com/video/16414404/index.html
Bert Voorhees Speaking on KTVU


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