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Join Global Response, Environmental Rights Action/ Friends of the Earth and Earth Rights International to call for an End to Flaring in Nigeria.

Last year, Global Response members urged the Nigerian government to speed up their timetable to stop oil companies’ harmful practice of gas flaring. Instead of speeding it up, they let their December 31, 2008 deadline go by without taking action to enforce the ban.

Now Global Response is joining Friends of the Earth in a worldwide campaign to finally persuade Nigerian authorities to take action on behalf of their citizens’ health and economy. Please write your own letter or use the model provided below.

What is gas flaring? Gas is often found mixed with crude oil, and must be separated. The cheapest way for oil companies to deal with the gas is also the most environmentally destructive way: burning it. This practice costs Nigeria about US$2.5 billion annually, while more than 66% of the population is estimated to live in poverty.

“Major oil companies are flaring gas in the oil-rich Niger Delta despite the fact that a Nigerian judge stated that flaring is illegal. Led by oil giant Shell, they have been burning gas for decades when they could be using it to provide energy to the local population. The government must ensure that oil companies stop this destructive practice now,” said Nnimmo Bassey, Friends of the Earth International chair and Friends of the Earth Nigeria Executive Director.

Nigeria is one of the world’s biggest gas flarers. Nigerian gas flares emit as many greenhouse gases as 18 millions cars, and release toxic substances in densely populated areas, damaging both the environment and the people in the Niger Delta. Flaring can lead to leukaemia, asthma and premature death. It causes acid rain which acidifies lakes and streams and damages the environment.

To understand the ravages of gas flaring, watch Poison Fire, a stunning documentary on oil and gas abuse in Nigeria at http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=bq2TBOHWFRc For more information see www.poisonfire.org.

Thank you for joining in this worldwide effort by sending letters or emails to three Nigerian officials (please do send a copy of your email to stopgasflares@eraction.org).


The Presidency
Aso Rock
Three Arms Zone
Abuja, Nigeria
Fax: number: +234 9 2347546
Senator David Mark
Senate President
The Senate National Assembly


Honourable Dimeji Bankole
The Speaker
House of Representatives
National Assembly
Abuja, Nigeria

cc: stopgasflares@eraction.org

Dear Sirs,

I am very disappointed to see that the Nigerian government has not met your December 31, 2008 deadline to end gas flaring in all Niger Delta communities. I urge you to immediately halt this dangerous and wasteful practice.

Nigeria is the world’s second largest flarer of associated gas and currently burns 23 billion standard cubic meters annually. Gas flaring contributes significantly to climate change.

Gas flaring causes acid rain which acidifies the lakes and streams and damages crops and vegetation. It reduces farm yields and harms human health, lives and livelihoods. Gas flaring increases the risk of respiratory illnesses, asthma and cancer. It often causes painful breathing, chronic bronchitis, decreased lung function, body itching, blindness, impotency, miscarriages and premature deaths.

While nearly three-quarters of Nigerians live in desperate poverty, Nigeria loses $2.5 billion dollars every year through flared gas. The practice is also a major factor in the tension and conflicts raging in the Niger Delta region.

It is extremely troubling that, despite a 2005 court order, gas flaring has continued unabated in the Niger Delta, putting the local communities and the entire world at risk.

The government must put the human and environmental rights of the people of Nigeria above corporate profits. Please stop gas flaring now.


Join Justice In Nigeria Now to send a strong message to Chevron about their human rights abuses in Nigeria.

Nearly 500 people who have already signed a letter to Chevron’s CEO David O’Reilly calling on Chevron to stop paying transporting, and housing the Nigerian military and police forces who shoot, injure and kill innocent unarmed protesters in Nigeria. Sign Letter!

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